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Paramount Pictures Comes To Westwood Village This Week

film-maker.jpgThe Digger has learned that they’re making another episode of the TV series, NUMB3RS here! November 1st from 10:00 AM until 2:00 AM they are filming at these locations: 1031-36 Broxton Ave, along with Broxton Ave, Weyburn and Kinross Ave.

You can anticipate some street closures and parking issues during this time period. Be patient while some actors, crew members and property owners are making a few bucks.

The plans are to have the actors involved in chase and driving scenes. There will also be actors on our rooftops and at least one gunshot fired. Numb3rs is an action series for sure. Perhaps they will need the Digger for this film. The Digger has his handy SAG card in his pocket!

It’s far better they do this in Westwood than Canada!


Meeting Dead Celebrities At The Westwood Memorial Park. (Video)

Okay sometimes The Digger is a morbid guy and want to do the unusual. Saturday was the day to visit some dead celebrities at the Westwood Memorial Park located between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica. This was a tiny and obscure cemetery until baseball grate Joe DiMaggio planted his ex-wife, 36 year-old Marilyn Monroe in a crypt there. Westwood Memorial park has more stars per square foot than any cemetery in the world.

They let tourists in with cameras and I of course brought in my video camera and tripod and was having a ball until an official with the park threw me, and the camera out when I was at Chicago’s very own, singer Minnie Riperton’s grave. I was invited to get rid of the video camera and downgrade to a still camera and return. Through the magic of desktop video editing you’ll see I didn’t miss much.

Before I was evicted, Marilyn Monroe and I caught some quality time with my video camera. Don’t ask me what it was but Marilyn’s resting place seemed to healing. I was at in a special place for sure. Who can blame Playboy publisher, Hugh Heffener for shelling out the big bucks for the crypt next to Marilyn’s for his own ride to the hereafter?

Sit back for a few minutes and watch what I experienced during this adventure.


Here is original film of Marilyn’s memorial service at the westwood Memorial Park.

Where is Westwood Village?

Westwood Village is located in Los Angeles between Brentwood and Beverly Hills. It’s home to UCLA and boasts a wealthy international population. It’s also Ground Zero for political demonstrations in L.A.

There are more resturants per block than almost anywhere. With loads of shops and stores there’s plenty to do here.

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