Near Riot At UCLA (video)

Tuesday night the UCLA library was anything but a quiet place to study when Mostafa Tabatabainejad, 23 was questioned by a university policeman and asked for a student ID card. After a refusal the student was asked to leave the library. That escalated into an arrest situation. The library was filled with other students at the time.

Tabatabainejad was eventually zapped by a Taser Gun and began screaming. Other students began screaming too, and it quickly became a scene of chaos and bedlam. Another student captured six minutes of the circus on a cell phone camera.

The video shows no acts of anything more some students trying to hold court on the incident right then and there instead of the courtroom. Tempers were out of control and the cops sounded really officious and loud. Instead of the cops carrying their prisoner out they apparently kept shocking him demanding he get up and walk.

Had Tabatabainejad simply submitted to the arrest and fought for his rights in the courtroom he’d be in a much better position today. Resisting and obstruction of even an unlawful arrest is a crime and now Tabatabainejad is charged with a crime.

Campus police written response to the Taser controversy

The official Taser use policy at UCLA

Sit back and watch the video…

An Update


2 responses to “Near Riot At UCLA (video)

  1. Sounds like the boy had problems prior to his run in with the cops. Now he’s got legal problems to go with his emotional issues. Hopefully he’ll learn something from this and get the help he needs.

  2. What do you mean J? What “emotional issues” does it “sound” like this “boy” had? Is it that he reacts angrily when more than 30,ooo volts are applied to him while his hands are cuffed behind his back? I am sure some people would remain more calm in the same situation, but I suspect it would be rare.

    As far as this “boy’s” legal issues go (he’s in his 20’s btw) he got the legal equivalent of a speeding ticket. I don’t think he’s facing any hard time in the slammer.

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