Is A Hookah Ban Right For Westwood?

Is A Hookah Ban Right For Westswood?

Hookah is a popular water pipe, nicotine delivery system for large number of immigrants from the Middle East. Smoking is banned inside restaurants but several in Westwood allow and encourage this unhealthy exercise at their sidewalk cafes. They even provide the Hookah pipes and tobacco.

The problem is that the non-smokers and people with health problems must walk away from the sidewalks and into the busy streets to avoid inhaling this poison. Pedestrians must choose between risky jaywalking, or being made sick by the Hookah air pollution.

On Broxton for example these Hookah joints are on both sides of the street. Public health and safety should be the concern as the all tabacco smoke is taken out of Westwood.


6 responses to “Is A Hookah Ban Right For Westwood?

  1. Man you are the most conservative resident of westwood since the 30’s. It’s not a mobile source of smoke. I dont smoke hookah or cig’s but I dont find the level of smoke near Habibi’s or Gypsy to be a problem … nor does anyone else … and ive been living in this area for over 10 years. Hookah and the cafes which support it give westwood the little flair it has left as a multicultural hub of an increasingly homogenous westside. chill out.

  2. I’ve lived in Westwood for years and really hate passing by these places because of the sickening smell of the poisened air around those places.
    If they want to harm themselves, that’s fine but please don’t hurt me too.

  3. That Hooka stink is sickening! If they want to do that they need to do it in an area where passers by don’t have to suffer!

  4. A complete ban would be a bit overdone. Maybe within X feet of a sidewalk would be more appropriate if this were to go through leaving businesses that have courtyards or patios away from sidewalks free game for Hookah smoking.

    Thanks for the laugh Eien: “Man you are the most conservative resident of westwood since the 30’s.”

  5. They should not be allowed to spread their nicotine cancer causing stench to every non-smoker that must pass by.

  6. What makes the hookah different from other “nicotine delivery systems” that are permitted on public sidewalks? Is it because they are “for large number of immigrants from the Middle East [sic]”? What is everyone really complaining about here?

    PS Westwood has too many empty storefronts and a low survival rate for small businesses. It is also being encroached upon by bland corporate franchises, many of which people can also find down the street at the Pavilion. It is in Westwood’s interest to have unique businesses that appeal to the UCLA community, so if the hookah bars can succeed in Westwood, more power to them!

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