A Gunfight at Urban Outfitters!

It seems that our gun control groups are really unhappy with a Christmas tree ornament for sale at Urban Outfitters. They marched on the store with the national news media in tow, insisting these little glittery $6.00 handgun ornaments be removed from stock. Urban Outfitters declined the groups’ demand.

The predictable happened, as Urban Outfitters quickly sold them out on their catalog website. The unexpected publicity was good for business. As of this morning there were only a few left at their Westwood location as evidenced by the video below.

Gun control groups are responsible for the manufacture and sale of many millions of additional firearms because of the human condition that causes people to go out of their way to obtain what’s difficult to obtain. How can The Digger get these fine folks to demand a ban on a product or service he’d like to sell? Check out the video!


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